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Malayalam: Windows

This is part of a series of posts about the Malayalam project on Universalis.

Getting Universalis for Windows

Here is the download and installation page.

If you install it now (i.e. in March 2016), the program will cover the whole of March 2016 without requiring you to buy anything.

How to select Malayalam

  1. Open the Universalis program.
  2. Press the F2 key to open the menu, then T to open the Translations screen. (Alternatively, click on the downward-pointing arrow at the top left of the Universalis window, and then click on “Translations”).
  3. In the Translations screen, open the “Order of Mass Language” list and select either “Malayalam”or “Malayalam and English”.

Full operating instructions are here.

Note on fonts: Windows systems vary in how well they handle the display of the Malayalam script. Universalis allows you to choose the font to use, so if your normal font does not produce a good result then you may want to try one of the others. To select a font, open the menu and select “Fonts”.

Available Malayalam content

  • The Order of Mass page.
  • The Readings at Mass page for Holy Week and Easter Sunday.
  • The Mass Today page for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. The Mass Today page combines the Order of Mass with the prayers, antiphons and readings of the day.

On days outside this period, the readings at Mass will be blank if you have selected a Malayalam option.


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