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Malayalam: ePub e-books

This is part of a series of posts about the Malayalam project on Universalis.

Getting the ePub e-book

We have created a e-book in ePub format to cover Holy Week and Easter Sunday in Malayalam. The ePub format is used by all e-book readers except the Amazon Kindle. (For the Kindle, click here).

Downloading the e-book

Here is the link to the e-book. Click on it to download.

  • The downloaded file will be called malayalam.epub.
  • If your browser asks you where to store the downloaded file, tell it to put it on your desktop.
  • If your browser puts the downloaded file somewhere else (often a Downloads folder), move it to your desktop because it will be easier to find there. On some browsers, you can do this by opening the list of downloaded files, right-clicking on the file, and selecting “View in Finder” or “Open Containing Folder”.

Getting the e-book onto your e-book reader

Please see the instructions for your e-reader for details of how to transfer files to it from your computer. The instructions may talk about “personal files” or “personal documents”. Normally, you will start by connecting the e-reader to your computer using the USB cable provided.

Possible problems

Some e-book readers include a Malayalam font. Others do not. On the ones that do not, you will see a great many question marks instead of the text.

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