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Order of Mass on the Mac

Posted by universalis on 8 September 2011

The Mac version of Universalis has been updated to include the Order of Mass. You can download the latest version here.

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The AvantGo web service is closing

Posted by universalis on 12 June 2009

An announcement on AvantGo’s web site says that they are closing their mobile web service at the end of June 2009.

Here is our page about the available options.

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Donations to Universalis

Posted by universalis on 29 August 2008

Early in the history of Universalis I used to allow people to make donations through PayPal. I’m very grateful to them for their kindness and generosity.

Now that Universalis actually makes money by selling downloads, it seems unfair to ask for donations. I’ve removed all references to donations from the site, and I’ve sent a cheque to Aid to the Church in Need to cover the donations that you have made in the past.

Thank you very much, everyone who contributed. Your money has gone to a good cause now, and your encouragement helped to make Universalis what it is today.

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Windows Mobile: storage cards and the Today screen

Posted by universalis on 13 June 2008

Sample Today screenThis is a technical posting of no interest to most users of Universalis, but I’ve put it here because it addresses a problem that has been repeatedly raised in Internet forums. Users of the downloadable Universalis for Windows Mobile have asked about it a couple of times, as well.

The question is: if you have a program that puts an item in the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device, can you install it on a storage card, to save space in the device’s main memory?

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Ronald Knox book review

Posted by universalis on 18 May 2007

Readers of Universalis who know the work of Ronald Knox – and those who don’t – may enjoy this review of his “Essays in Satire”.

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