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The Malayalam Project

Posted by universalis on 9 March 2016

അത്യുന്നതങ്ങളില്‍ ദൈവത്തിനു മഹത്വം

The Malayalam language is spoken in the state of Kerala, which is on the western side of the southern tip of India. Kerala has a large Catholic population, and we are working with the Bishop’s Council to provide the Order of Mass and the readings at Mass in Malayalam, as part of Universalis.

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Universalis for webmasters

Posted by universalis on 11 February 2016

If you are responsible for a web site, we encourage you to make use of Universalis. (And if you aren’t, do pass the message on to someone who is).

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Our Lady, Help of Christians in 2015

Posted by universalis on 10 May 2015

Australia celebrates the solemnity of Our Lady, Help of Christians on 24 May each year.

When a solemnity falls on a Sunday, it depends on the importance of the Sunday. Sundays in Ordinary Time are obliterated and replaced by the solemnity. An ordinary Sunday of the Year is obliterated, but if we are in Advent, Lent or Easter then the Sunday is kept and the solemnity is postponed to the Monday. This is laid down in the Universal Norms on the Liturgical Year and the Calendar, §5 and §60.

Accordingly Our Lady, Help of Christians will be on Monday 25 May in 2015.

The reason I am mentioning this specially is that the otherwise excellent St Paul’s Missals for Australia state that in years when 24 May falls on a Sunday, Our Lady, Help of Christians is to be celebrated on Saturday 23 May. The St Paul’s Missal is wrong. I have specifically confirmed with the liturgical authorities in Australia that there has been no change of the standard rule and that Our Lady, Help of Christians is on Monday 25 May, just as the rules say. Here is the official Australian calendar for 2015.

Note: If the Australian bishops revert to celebrating Corpus Christi on its proper day (Thursday), then Sunday 24 May 2285 will be the solemnity of Our Lady, Help of Christians, replacing the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time. If they keep celebrating Corpus Christi on the Sunday after, as they do now, then Sunday 24 May 2285 will be Corpus Christi and Monday 25 May will be Our Lady, Help of Christians.

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Liturgia Horarum as an e-book

Posted by universalis on 13 October 2013

Universalis has had Latin available as an option for some time, but only as the Latin half of Latin-English parallel texts.

Now we have created a Universalis e-book in Latin only. it contains the Liturgy of the Hours for every hour of every day of the year 2013. We will publish an e-book for 2014 before the beginning of 2014. UPDATE: this e-book has now been published.

The e-book is available in both Kindle format (for the Amazon Kindle) and ePub format (for all other e-readers).

The e-book is available as a free download from our web site. This is because (bizarrely) Amazon and the other distributors refuse to distribute anything that is written in Latin.

Each hour is complete in itself. For example, if you want to see (for example) Vespers for Monday 18 November, you look in the Index dierum, click on Dies 18 novembris, and then click on Ad Vesperas. Everything will be there. There is no need to jump backwards and forwards as you would with a printed breviary.

If an optional memorial falls on a particular day, you can view both the Office of the memorial and the Office of the feria. If a local calendar has a different celebration from the General Calendar, you have access to them both. Here is a list of the calendars that Universalis knows about.

Do download the e-book and try it out, and do recommend it to anyone you know who might find it useful. As well as actual e-readers, practically all mobile phones and tablets have software available that will read either the ePub or the Kindle format.

Parallel texts: a reminder

You can view the Liturgy of the Hours in a parallel Latin-English version on the Universalis web site: here is an example.

All the Universalis apps can optionally display Latin and English together, as can any Universalis e-books you create for your own use.

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Mass Readings in your parish’s page

Posted by universalis on 30 August 2013

We sometimes get emails from the webmasters of parish pages asking if they can use Universalis texts in their pages. Here are three answers.

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Universalis on Facebook

Posted by universalis on 24 August 2013

There is now a Universalis page on Facebook.

Just like the Twitter feed, it has a new posting each day to tell you the saint or feast of the day.

If you “Like” the Facebook page, you’ll see the feast of the day appearing in your own Facebook news feed.

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“Updates will percolate”

Posted by universalis on 4 July 2013

I am always grateful when someone spots an error in Universalis and lets me know about it so that I can correct it. (Or to be precise, I am annoyed by the error and grateful to have it corrected).

This post is about what happens to corrections and when you will see them appear in Universalis.

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The English Ordinariate

Posted by universalis on 12 April 2012

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was established in 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI to allow Anglicans to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church whilst retaining much of their heritage and traditions.

The Ordinariate has its own calendar, which differs from the English one in including more English saints (many of whom are in fact already celebrated in some Catholic dioceses), and also in giving different names to the “Sundays of the Year”, although the liturgy for those Sundays does not change.

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Order of Mass

Posted by universalis on 4 September 2011

The downloadable version of Universalis for Windows now includes the ability to create an e-book with the Order of Mass. Previously the Order of Mass could be viewed on the screen but not written as an e-book. To get the new features, download and install it again.

In addition, we now have a new Order of Mass page, which lets you view the Order of Mass online. You will also find Kindle and ePub versions of the Order of Mass e-book on that page.

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-ise and -ize

Posted by universalis on 8 August 2011

Since Universalis contains text in two languages (plus Greek), it seems worth setting out our house style in detail.

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