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Scrolling and page-turning

Posted by universalis on 2 February 2023

Everyone everywhere always agrees that between scrolling (like a web page) or page-turning (like a book) there is one and only one proper way of reading a substantial amount of text. The opposite way is just useless.

As for which of these two ways is the right way, opinions differ.

The Universalis apps on iPhone/iPad and Android let you do both. This post is to remind you of that fact and tell you how to set up the proper way of reading text.


Tap the rightmost button in the toolbar. This brings up the Fonts screen, which lets you choose fonts and font sizes and dark-on-light mode.

At the bottom of the Fonts screen, the “Scrolling View” switch will let you choose between scrolling and page-turning.

You can find some brief instructions here.


Tap the cog-wheel on the right-hand side of the toolbar. This brings up the Settings screen.

In the “Display” section of that screen, there is a switch labelled “Page by page”, which you can turn on or off.

  • If you want the page-turning mode and “Page by page” doesn’t give it to you, have a look at the “Advanced” section of the Settings screen. You probably have the Screen Reader mode turned on. That mode is intended for blind users, and it gives a simplified view which is more suitable for screen reader software to read out loud. You probably don’t need that mode. Turn it OFF, and the page-by-page mode will work.

There are some instructions here.

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  1. I am 83 years old and able to get church any more but I get it on YouTube every day and just do the morning prays . I have had 4 heart surgery over 35 years God is not really for me . Peace Dick Kidd.

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