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How to get the latest Android version

Posted by universalis on 16 November 2022

Some of you have been waiting for version 2.159 of the Universalis app for Android from Google Play. This is now in the Play Store.

Automatic update

The Play Store automatically updates most people’s devices, so you may find that it has already updated yours without you having to do anything.

Getting the update by hand

Here are Google’s instructions for getting the latest update directly, without having to wait for the Play Store to send it to you.

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The Kindle e-book service

Posted by universalis on 5 November 2022

If you have a registration code, we give you the ability to create a Kindle e-book using either your computer or our web site. If you use your computer, you can install the e-book on your Kindle yourself. If you use our web site, you can send that e-book through Amazon’s Personal Documents Service and have it installed wirelessly on your Kindle.

Until now, the website route has transmitted your e-book to Amazon directly. At 06:30 UTC on 1 November 2022, Amazon reprogrammed their systems to block this route. They now reject any e-books we send them on your behalf.

We have accordingly changed the way our web site works. It now sends the e-book to you, and you forward the e-book to Amazon yourself.

This blog post is simply here to explain why the procedure has changed. There is nothing that you need to do, except read the instructions carefully next time you create an e-book.

If you requested an e-book after Amazon’s embargo at 0630 on the 1st and it was rejected by Amazon, we have already re-requested the e-book for you and it has been sent to you, for you to forward to Amazon.

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November 2022 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 2 November 2022

As October is the month of the Rosary, so November is the month of the dead. Outside, the trees finish making next year’s buds and drop their leaves and take on the appearance of death. In the Church’s calendar the year comes to an end and so does the world itself, with readings dominated by the Apocalypse and the prophecies of Daniel.

At this season the Church bids us remember the dead. The day after All Saints we pray for the souls of all the departed, followed a week or so later (in many parts of the world) by those who gave our lives for us in war.

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