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St George in England

Posted by universalis on 23 April 2022

Today is St George’s Day, and some people in England are wondering why it does not appear in Universalis today. The reason is that this year there is a collision with Easter Saturday.

The Church’s calendar has to deal with collisions. Suppose, for instance, that the Annunciation, on the 25th of March, falls on Good Friday (as it did in 2016). Should we omit Good Friday that year, or omit the Annunciation? Or try to celebrate both at once?

The Table of Liturgical Days assigns a rank to each kind of celebration. The Easter Triduum is the most important (rank 1) and optional memorials are the least important (rank 12). When two celebrations collide, the more important one is used.

The weekdays of Easter Week, at rank 2, are more important than almost anything else. Thus no saint can be celebrated today (Easter Saturday) or on any day in Easter Week.

  • In places where St George is a memorial or feast (rank 8 or below), he is not celebrated at all this year.
  • In places where St George is a solemnity (rank 4), such as England, he is celebrated on the next available day. This means the next day which is not in Easter Week, not a Sunday, and not a feast. Since Monday 25 April is the feast of St Mark, Tuesday 26 April is the next available day, and St George is celebrated then.


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