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Copy and paste on iPhone/iPad

Posted by universalis on 27 February 2022

In the latest versions of Universalis and Catholic Calendar for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) the way you select text for copying and pasting into another app has changed.

A long press used to select a whole passage (for instance, a psalm). Now a long press selects just one word. If you hold your finger down for longer, the whole passage will be selected, just like before. You need to hold for a second or two.

The reason for this change is to make it easier to select anything you want – words, sentences, passages. Here are the full instructions.

Select what you want

Hold your finger on a word. After a second, the word will be highlighted and the Copy menu will appear. If you keep on holding for another second or so, the selection will expand to include the whole passage (the whole psalm, prayer or reading):copy-word-cropped

If you let go, and then press-and-hold somewhere else, the selection will expand to include everything between where you first pressed and where you are pressing now.

  • There are selection handles at the beginning and end of the selection. You can drag the selection handles to enlarge or shrink your selection.

Copy what you have selected

Tap on “Copy” in the menu, and your selected text will be copied to the pasteboard. You can then switch to another app and paste the text into it. Most apps will offer a “Paste” command if you tap in the area where you are typing.

To cancel the selection

To cancel your selection, tap once, anywhere on the screen.

3 Responses to “Copy and paste on iPhone/iPad”

  1. Christine Pritchard said

    Thank you. This works on my iphone, but on my computer (Windows) it still insists on COPY ALL and I then have to delete the 98% I don’t want. Any help?

  2. mindpoem said

    Why after selecting a word am I only given the option to “Copy or Print” instead of also “Look Up” the word like other apps? While I do sometimes want to copy a passage, it is much more common for me to want to look up a word in the dictionary. I hope this option can be added. It would also make sense to add the options “Share” and “Translate”, eventually for selected text, if possible. Thanks for the progress made on the ability to select text. MUCH appreciated.

  3. Felicite Perez de la Sala said

    Thank you as I used to copy psalms and readings to the notes app, then a few years ago, the psalms started to only copy in a vertical line.They now work. thank you again

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