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The Sacred Heart in 2022

Posted by universalis on 1 January 2022

The Birthday of St John the Baptist is celebrated on 24 June each year. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated a fixed time after Easter, and in 2022 (and 2033 and 2044) this puts it on 24 June as well.

The standard rules for coinciding feasts would keep the Sacred Heart on the 24th, as being the more important celebration, and move the Baptist back to Saturday the 25th.

However, there is a certain discomfort in having major celebrations on Saturdays, and so the Congregation of Divine Worship has decided to bring the Birthday of St John the Baptist forward to Thursday 23 June 2022. You can find the official document here.

(The one exception is in places of which St John the Baptist is the patron: in that case he remains on the 24th and the Sacred Heart is brought forward to the 23rd).

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