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“Resurrection is Now”

Posted by universalis on 2 December 2021

The book Resurrection is Now, by Dom Aelred Watkin, has been the “sleeping hit” of the Daily Books feature in the Universalis apps. You, the readers, have been so enthusiastic in your response to it that there are now plans to re-publish the printed book. Limited stocks of the original edition have been discovered so that you can buy it now if you don’t want to wait. The remaining and rediscovered stocks of the first edition sold out within 24 hours of this blog post being published!

Dom Aelred Watkin (1918-1997) was a wise and respected Head Master of Downside from 1962 to 1975. 
Dom Aelred wrote little, preferring to communicate with a live audience, so “Resurrection is Now” is a rare opportunity to benefit from his understanding. This book covers death in all its aspects, both as an end and as a beginning, and looks at life from the perspective of a preparation for death.

A learned man, Dom Aelred nevertheless wears his learning lightly, and the reader will find something enlightening on almost every page.

The Daily Book

The Daily Books feature in Universalis lets you add daily instalments from a book into any of the main Universalis pages: About Today, Spiritual Reading, or any of the Hours. (Don’t worry: if you want to read more than one instalment in a day you can easily do so).

Through the kindness of Downside Abbey, Resurrection is Now is free. All you need to read it is a Universalis app or program for Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac or Windows.

You can find instructions for reading Daily Books here.

The printed book

The book has sold out. A reprint is planned.

The printed book is sold by the Downside Abbey Bookshop for £10. They are in the UK but can ship worldwide.

There is a purchase page for the book here, or you can contact the bookshop directly at books@downside.co.uk. Email is probably best if you want to discuss different international shipping options.


There is no separate e-book of Resurrection is Now as such, but if you do not already have the Universalis app for Android or iPhone/iPad then it only costs £9.99 (prices vary a little internationally) and for that price you get not only Resurrection is Now but also the Liturgy of the Hours and the Mass readings for every day of every year. 


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