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Amazon and Android 12

Posted by universalis on 10 November 2021

There is currently a problem which only affects you:

  • IF you have bought Universalis or Catholic Calendar from Amazon
  • AND you are using it on a non-Amazon device such as the Google Pixel
  • AND the device is running the new version of Android: Android 12.

Most people who have Android devices get their apps from Google Play, and so won’t be affected.

People are reporting that on Google Pixel devices running Android 12, the Amazon Appstore reports that no apps are available.

This is an Amazon bug. Amazon say they are working on it, so all anyone can do is wait.

There is a discussion on the Amazon forums at Amazon Appstore not working after android 12 update . In it, an Amazon staff member writes:

So sorry to know you are experiencing the same issue.

Our technical team is aware of this issue and they are currently working on a resolution. I will update the thread as soon as we have receive more information regarding the same.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

There is also a discussion on Reddit at Error with the Pixel 5a & Android 12 using the Amazon App Store .

The reply quoted there is:
Greetings from Amazon!
I’m sorry to know about the issue you are facing with the Amazon appstore on Android 12.
Richard, our teams are aware of this and has started working on this. We appreciate your cooperation while we try to fix this at the earliest for you.
New version or an update will be released soon which will be compatible with Android 12.
Please write to us if you need any more help or allow us to contact you via call or chat.

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