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August 2021 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 23 August 2021

It has been rather a quiet summer, and we have been quiet too: there was no newsletter in July. We got one or two emails expressing concern about this, but don’t worry! All is well here, as we hope it is with you.

I had been hoping that we would have a couple of significant announcements to make by now, but things have been taking longer to come to fruition than we expected. All the same, one way or another it should be an eventful autumn.

Spiritual Communion

When the pandemic started and nobody could go to church, we added two Spiritual Communion prayers to the “Mass Today” page in the apps and programs. Now that it is possible to attend Mass again, those prayers are still in there in case of need, but they are now optional. You will see a menu button on the right of the screen just below where it says “The Blood of Christ. Amen”.

The Office of the Dead

Something people ask us for from time to time is the Divine Office and Mass for the dead. This is actually already there in the apps and programs, but it is tucked away discreetly on the calendar page. On that page you will find a button marked either “More” or “Special”, and that button gives you not only the Office and Mass for the dead, but also the various Commons of Apostles, Martyrs, Doctors and so on.

The Mass commentaries

Dom Henry Wansbrough has kindly added some further commentaries on the readings at Mass, this time focusing particularly on solemnities and treating their three readings as a group rather than as three isolated passages. These commentaries come in the Readings at Mass page, and you turn them on in the Settings screen of the apps (the programs call it Options or Preferences).

Foreign languages

I sometimes feel hesitant about mentioning the foreign languages which get added to Universalis because after all, by the nature of things, people who read this newsletter are mostly speakers of English. But being universal is part of Universalis’s mission, and in many places (Madagascar is one example) having the prayer of the Church available electronically is the only way to make it available to people at all, the books being so expensive to print and to buy.

The latest language which is appearing, slowly but solidly, is Estonian. There are only a few thousand Catholics in Estonia, but they are energetic and determined and bit by bit the Hours are being put together for Universalis, so that in time not only every Catholic but every Christian in Estonia will have easy access to the prayer of the universal Church.

We are rather proud of being able to offer this service, and we think that you should be too. It is your support, by purchases and subscriptions, that makes projects like this possible.

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