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Universalis on Linux

Posted by universalis on 1 July 2021

There are versions for the downloadable Universalis program for Windows and for Mac, but there is no specific version for Linux. However, some people have reported success in using the Windows download on Linux (see the earlier blog posts from 2009 and 2012). Here is another report from a user, which includes some specific instructions:

Universalis works fine on Linux when run within Wine. I purchased a licence back in 2010 and have been running it on Linux for quite some time. I generally only use it to export to a eBook so that I can use it on my kindle so it’s not a full test, but I’ve had no problems. Advertising this fact is somewhat fraught I realise, however should you wish to, I just now did the following on Fedora to get it to work:

sudo dnf install wine

# exit the configuration utility once it opens. I assume it does some first time setup but that’s a guess.

wine64 universalis-setup.exe

# Just the normal Windows binary. Perfectly standard install follows. I’ve used “wine64” but I suspect Universalis is 32, so I guess “wine” would be fine too?

wine64 /path/to/universalis.exe

# for me this path was ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Universalis/universalis.exe

At this point, Universalis opens up and off I go, exporting ebooks with merry abandon.

We don’t support running the Windows Universalis on Linux, in that if you have a problem with it then there is nothing we can do to help. On the other hand we are very happy to hear that it does work and we encourage you to try it. We will certainly not do anything intentionally to stop it working in the future.

It has been suggested that we should mention Linux on the Universalis web page. We feel we can’t do this because it might make people think that Universalis on Linux is supported, which it isn’t. But we’re still glad to hear that it seems to work.

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  1. 2br-2b said

    Yeah, I got Universalis working on Linux via wine myself just the other day! Feel free to reach out to me via my email address on Github (https://github.com/2br-2b) if you need any help setting this up!

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