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April 2021 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 23 April 2021

Happy Easter! He is risen indeed, alleluia!

The Easter Alleluia

As the last newsletter promised, we have been trying out a new feature for Easter this year.

In the Universalis apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, you will find a grey button at the top and bottom of each page, marked “The Easter Alleluia”. If you tap it, you will hear an Alleluia greeting spoken to you by someone, somewhere in the world, who also uses Universalis. The button will appear every day from Easter to Pentecost.

Over 500 of you have sent in your recorded Alleluias, and we have combined them so that over 200 triple-Alleluias are available in the app. Each time you press the Easter Alleluia button you get one of these, chosen at random.

The speakers range in age from 2 to 97 and they come from all over the world. Some sound the way you would expect; some are truly exotic. The Tsonga, Setswana and Zulu versions are something specially wonderful: because the process is random, you have a 3-in-200 chance of hearing one of them each time you press the Easter Alleluia button.

Just one technical point: if you don’t intend to use the feature and don’t like the button taking up space on the screen, you can turn it off in the Settings. Tap anywhere on the screen (outside the button) to make the toolbar appear at the top of the screen; tap the cog-wheel on the right-hand side of the toolbar to make the Settings screen appear; and scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen to find the “Easter Alleluias” switch.

Thank you all!

Thank you all for taking the trouble to record and send your Alleluias. Without you, this project would have been pointless.

Best wishes for the rest of Eastertide!

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