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March 2021 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 26 March 2021

The Easter Alleluia

We are trying out a new feature for Easter this year.

The intoxication of the Resurrection is such that after the climax of the Easter Vigil, even perfect strangers go up to each other and tell each other “He is risen, alleluia”. It is wonderful; but it is going to be a little difficult this year, and so we’ve done something that we hope will help. It is virtual, admittedly, but it is also world-wide. A few people have tried it out and they say it is inspiring.

In the apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, if you look at any of the pages for Eastertide, you will see a button at the top marked “The Easter Alleluia”. If you tap it, you will hear an Alleluia greeting spoken to you by someone, somewhere in the world, who also uses Universalis. The idea is to unite us all as a world-wide community. The button will appear every day from Easter to Pentecost.

Of course this shouldn’t just be one way. You will want to greet others in the way they have greeted you. Here is a page that tells you how to record an Alleluia for everyone to hear. Why not record your greeting now, in advance of Easter? We have about 100 voices already from England, Poland, France, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Nigeria among others. It would be good to have your voice too, saying Alleluia in your own language. It is all private, so although people will hear your greeting, they won’t know who or where you are.

Spoken Mass readings

One of the first audio subscriptions we ever offered was the Gospel for each day. It is still popular, but it is possible some of you may have looked at it when it first came out and thought that just the Gospel was not enough. So this is just a reminder that what used to be the Gospel subscription now gives you the spoken Mass readings –  First Reading and Second Reading when there is one, in addition to the Gospel. (The price hasn’t gone up). The spoken audio is available on iPhone/iPad and Android, and you can read about it here.

Not the Laudate app!

The Laudate app has nothing to do with us, but sometimes people get confused because Laudate take the Liturgy of the Hours pages from our web site and presents them as part of their own app. This blog post tells you all about the situation.

More to come…

We have quite a few things on the boil. There are some more languages: they won’t make a difference to most of the people who read this newsletter, but it is still important to us to serve as much of the world as we can. Nearer home, there is the likelihood of some more audio recordings to enrich the experience of listening to the Hours. And those of you who enjoy the “Daily Books” feature will be glad to know that another book is likely to be on the way soon.

We’ll tell you more when we can.

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