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The Laudate app

Posted by universalis on 1 February 2021

There is an app called Laudate, which people sometimes think is ours. It isn’t. We get occasional emails that complain about (or praise) what “we” are doing, and where it turns out, eventually, that “we” doesn’t mean Universalis at all. So this blog post is intended to remove the confusion.

Laudate has a section showing the various Hours. This works by taking pages from our web site and displaying them as if they were part of the Laudate app.

Effectively, Laudate is acting like a web browser that gives easy access to certain specific pages – think of “Safari or Chrome plus built-in bookmarks”. It presents other sites that way, as well as Universalis.

There is nothing illegal or immoral in doing this, but it is no wonder that some people end up thinking that we have some sort of responsibility for the app – which we don’t. We try to make the distinction clear in our web pages, but some versions of Laudate seem to have been programmed (probably accidentally) to remove that explanation. That doubles the confusion!

If you are doing the Hours regularly then you would do better to get the official Universalis app. It isn’t expensive. Here is the link for Android and here is the link for iPhone/iPad.

The Universalis app:

  • Uses your own local or national calendar.
  • Uses the official translation of the Psalms.
  • Has the Mass readings as well; and more.
  • Goes as far into the past or future as you want.
  • Does not need an Internet connection.
  • Has a better layout and can display the Hours either page-by-page or scrolling.
  • Has many extra features such as the readings at Mass, the complete Mass Today page, biographies of the saints, and so on.
  • If you take out an optional subscription, gives you spoken audio of all the Hours each day.

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