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December 2020 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 9 December 2020

Happy Advent, and happy Christmas in advance!

There are no new features this month, and no new bugs, so this newsletter is devoted entirely to what so many of us are thinking about at the moment: Christmas presents.

It has been an odd year, and it will be an odd Christmas too. We may well not be seeing a lot of people we do see usually, and even Christmas shopping isn’t the same when one may not be able to get out and do it. So here are some ideas for Christmas presents from Universalis

Universalis itself

That is the biggest present there can be, because it changes lives, and it lasts for ever.

A Universalis registration code costs £19.99, which at today’s exchange rates is $26.69 or €22.15. It gives the recipient all the Mass readings for every day, forever, and all the Hours of the Liturgy of the Hours for every day, forever. There are also benefits such as the daily ‘About Today’ pages, with their stories of the saints and their illustrations. The registration code works on whatever devices your friend has – Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Mac and Windows – and also for making personal e-books.

If you have a friend who is feeling more isolated than usual this year, who perhaps hasn’t been able to get to Mass or there haven’t been any, Universalis can help alleviate the isolation by maintaining contact with the prayer life of the universal Church. Or if you have a younger friend, with all the distractions of life around and ahead, Universalis is a solid preparation and continuing foundation for an ‘Apostle for life’. Even for people who never take their noses out of the shiny black rectangles they are all attached to, they will see through the device into a wider (indeed, infinite) world.

It is very simple indeed to give a Universalis registration code as a present. Our blog post gives all the details.

Giving to groups

This is not for everyone but it is something that quite a few people do. It is a way of benefiting many people all at once, and it is especially important this year when so many parishes are virtually penniless. If you feel extra generous, and want to support a whole confirmation class, or the parents of a whole First Communion class who would like to be of more help to their children, or even perhaps your own child’s classmates at school, then you can buy a block of registration codes and give one to each of them. To support this, if you buy ten or more codes then we will give them to you at half price. Again, our blog post has the details.

New Every Day 2021

This inspiring e-book came out for the first time last year and it proved popular then, which is why we have published the new edition. “New Every Day” has 365 chapters, one for each day of the year 2021. It celebrates not only every day but also a huge number of saints: over 600 of them. There are spiritual readings for every day and for many of the saints of the day. There are biographies of the saints and over 300 illustrations. (If you have the Universalis app or program, “New Every Day” combines the About Today and Spiritual Reading pages; but quite a few people buy the e-book anyway, because they have an e-book reader or just for its general convenience).

“New Every Day” is available from Amazon for the Kindle and from Apple in ePub format. They both allow e-books to be given as gifts. Our blog post has the details.

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