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October 2020 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 9 October 2020

Today is a day to felicitate our readers in England and Wales. Saint John Henry Newman was canonised a year ago, and this year, for the first time, he is celebrated as a Feast in the English and Welsh calendars. Our apps and programs have been updated accordingly.

“One God”

A subtler recent change is in the wording of the doxology at the end of the Collect at Mass. Often it ends,

one God, for ever and ever…

and it is the “one” that is in question. Most languages do not have it (Latin doesn’t) and the Congregation for Divine Worship have been unhappy about it for some time. They have asked the various Bishops’ Conferences to consider replacing the ending, with one possibility being

God, for ever and ever…

Some parts of the world have already made the change; others are still thinking about it. The latest updates of Universalis will behave according to the local calendar you have chosen. In regions where “one” has not been officially replaced, we are showing it in parentheses, thus:

(one) God, for ever and ever…

If you want the full details, with the arguments behind them, you will find them in our blog entry on the subject.

The new Daily Books feature

The new Daily Books feature, which we announced in the last newsletter, has been received with enthusiasm by the people who have tried it, and we have made some further additions.

You can now read a book in weekly instalments as well as daily ones, and you can attach a book not just to “About Today” and “Spiritual Reading” but to any the Hours and to the readings at Mass. They will appear at the very end of those pages, so they will not be a distraction.

Two new books have been added: “A Retreat for Lay People” and “The Mass in Slow Motion”, by Ronald Knox. We are grateful to the copyright owner for permission to reproduce them. There are more books on the way.

If you are using Windows, or the iPhone or iPad, you can read all about the new feature here. If you are using Android, it is not included yet but we are working on it and we hope it will be ready in a month or so.


Following the addition of Danish earlier this year, the Liturgy of the Hours is now also available in Malagasy. This was a huge effort but it is good to be able to give the people of Madagascar free access to such an important spiritual resource.

iOS 14

Apple have recently released iOS 14, the latest version of their operating system. It features “widgets” on the home screen – essentially, giant app icons with extra information in them. Universalis has two of these: a small one with the name of the feast of the day, and a larger one with the name and a picture. Apple’s instructions for setting up the new widgets are here.

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