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iOS compatibility

Posted by universalis on 10 October 2020

Updated Wednesday 14-Oct-2020

The problem is over!

This blog post will remain for a little while so that people who were suffering from it can get themselves back on track.

There was a compatibility bug in our apps for Apple devices running iOS. The exact scope of the bug varied. If you had bought the Universalis app from the App Store, then you were only affected if you had a very old device. If you had bought a registration code from us and put it into the free Catholic Calendar app from the App Store, you were affected unless your device was using the very latest version of iOS.

In either case the symptom was the same: as soon as you opened the app, it closed again.

As soon as we knew of the bug, on Saturday morning, we corrected it and sent new versions of the apps to Apple. By the end of Tuesday Apple had approved both the updates. These new versions are now in the App Store.

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October 2020 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 9 October 2020

Today is a day to felicitate our readers in England and Wales. Saint John Henry Newman was canonised a year ago, and this year, for the first time, he is celebrated as a Feast in the English and Welsh calendars. Our apps and programs have been updated accordingly.

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“One God”

Posted by universalis on 7 October 2020

Many of the doxologies in the Mass collects and the Liturgy of the Hours include the words “One God, for ever and ever”.

This is now being changed, but different parts of the world are moving at different paces.

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