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Clever uses of QR codes

Posted by universalis on 22 June 2020

In the latest newsletter we announced the appearance of QR codes which would take one straight to the relevant page on the Universalis web site. We suggested a few uses, and you can read about how to create them here.

Since then, our readers have suggested splendid uses for the codes: uses we had never thought of. So here they are.

  • In a YouTube video – a priest streaming a live Mass is putting the QR code on the screen at the time the readings started, so that anyone listening to the readings can use the code to see the Mass Readings page in Universalis.
  • At the welcome desk – a church in Slovenia which regularly has tourists coming to Mass is going to put a QR code at the desk, so that any visitor can point his phone camera at the code, and be able to follow the readings during Mass.

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June 2020 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 19 June 2020

We are just coming to the end of the brief but intense “theological season” which began with the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost, and took us through a whole series of highlights: Mary, Mother of the Church, Jesus the Eternal High Priest, the Trinity, the Body and Blood of Christ. These feasts remind us that Christianity has both Jewish and Greek roots: as Jews, we live a continuing encounter with God; as Greeks, we aren’t satisfied with something being true – we also want it to make sense.

But we mustn’t let ourselves over-intellectualise, so at the end of it all the Church brings this short season to an end with two feasts not of the mind but of the heart: the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They remind us that life is not only about understanding but about living and feeling, and that our Saviour himself was not some Buddha-like figure floating in serene detachment above it all. He plunged into our world and was happy and sad, lived and loved: all of them, things of the heart. We need to emulate him and his Mother, even if most of us would find serene detachment be a lot more comfortable.

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