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Universalis on older iPads and iPhones: an update

Posted by universalis on 6 May 2020

In the middle of April Apple installed defective software behind the scenes in their App Store. The consequence was that when we updated the Universalis app on Saturday 18 April, Apple made the app unusable on older iPhones and iPads and then installed the unusable app onto those devices anyway, so that everyone lost access to Universalis. Unfortunately Apple’s devices are well engineered and long-lasting, so quite a few of you were affected.

Your actual loss of service was very brief because we arranged for everyone who was affected to get what they needed by going through Catholic Calendar instead. But that was obviously only a temporary fix.

Working with Apple, we have found a way round the problem. The version of Universalis published in the App Store on Monday 11 May will work on older iPads and iPhones.

  • If you have deleted the Universalis app from your device, go into the App Store app, search for “Universalis”, and re-install it.
  • If you still have the Universalis app on your device then the App Store will probably give you the latest version automatically. But you can also do it yourself, which may make it happen sooner. Apple’s instructions for updating manually are here.

What devices were affected

Any device running iOS 8, 9, or 10. Specifically, these are:

iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5C.
iPod Touch: “5th generation” only.
iPad: iPad 2, “3rd generation”, and “4th generation”.
iPad Mini: “1st generation” only.
iPad Air: unaffected.
iPad Pro: unaffected.

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