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Buying Universalis in Nigeria

Posted by universalis on 2 March 2020

Quite a few people in Nigeria have difficulty buying Universalis, whether from one of the app vendors (Apple, Amazon, or Google Play) or directly from us in the form of a registration code. This is down to the policies of the vendors, or, in the case of the registration code, the policies of our credit card processor, WorldPay. We cannot do anything about it directly.

However, if you are in Nigeria and you are having a problem, there is another way round.

Before you do anything else, try the conventional way of buying an app or a code. It may well work: we do get regular purchases from Nigeria by the standard methods.

One of our collaborators is able to supply registration codes in Nigeria with payment by bank transfer rather than credit card.

A registration code works on Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Windows, and e-books, and you can find instructions for using it on our web site.

  1. Before anything else, install the relevant Universalis app or program. They are all free.
  1. Make sure that everything works as you want it. In every case there is a trial period lasting a month.

Registration code purchase

Here are Father Akintolu’s instructions:

For those in Nigeria who might be experiencing difficulties in purchasing the Universalis App online with their Nigeria Naira Master or Visa ATM card, you can pay directly to a Nigerian Bank Account as detailed below. 

    1. Pay N9,400 (equivalent of 20 Pounds at N470 to a Pound) to GTBank account of “Regional Pastoral Institute Ede” number 0035607396.
    2. Inform 08033028336 (Text or Whatsapp) – Rev. Fr. Akintolu, of the payment by sending your full name and functional email address. 
    3. You will then be issued a Universalis Code which will enable you to have the App installed on all your devices (phones, tablets, and Mac and Windows Computers).

If you need to get in touch with Father Akintolu, you can reach him by email at akintolu@yahoo.com


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