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Christmas presents

Posted by universalis on 17 December 2019

The two safest kinds of present to give at Christmas are the kind that lasts no time at all (it gets eaten or drunk, so you don’t have to keep on being grateful for it) and the kind that lasts for ever – such as Universalis. Universalis is a present that will be with the recipient for life, through the pious times and the pagan ones, through the dry seasons and the fruitful ones.

This year we also have our new “New Every Day 2020” e-book. It has its own web page, but you can also read more about it below.


iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

If the person you are giving the present to has an Apple mobile device, and you have an account with the App Store, and you are both in the same country, then you can give the Universalis app as a gift. Apple have a page with all the instructions.


Amazon and Google Play do not allow you to give apps as gifts. This is bizarre, but they are in charge and we can’t make them behave any differently.

Registration codes

A registration code really is a gift for life because it gives free access on the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch, and on Android, and on Windows and on the Mac, plus the ability to create e-books from e-book readers. It even gives a connection to our daily email service.

A Universalis registration code costs £19.99, which at today’s exchange rates is $26.26 or €23.54. This is more than a single app because it works on every kind of device and system we support, not just one.

Here is how to give a registration code:

  1. Buy the registration code from us in the usual way.
  2. Send the 9-digit code to your friend, in a simple and functional email or written inside a beautiful Christmas card.
  3. Send us an email to let us know that the code belongs not to you but to your friend (your friend’s name, address, and email would be helpful). That way, if your friend loses the code and needs to be reminded of it in five or ten years’ time, we will know where to look.

The “New Every Day” e-book

Sample page

Sample page: click to enlarge

New this year, “New Every Day 2020” has 366 chapters, one for each day of the year. It celebrates not only every day but also a huge number of saints: over 600 of them. There are spiritual readings for every day and for many of the saints. There are biographies of the saints and over 300 illustrations.

The readings come from all periods, from the early 2nd century to the end of the 20th. Some of the authors are famous, like St Augustine. Some are great orators, like St Leo the Great. About others, nothing at all is known, like the anonymous ancient author (11 April) who imagines Jesus going down into the underworld and meeting Adam face to face. There are readings by the saints and readings about them. St Peter Claver (9 September) describes the arrival of a slave ship in Colombia and what has to be done for its passengers. Mr Masten, Protestant chaplain of Newgate prison, writes (23 June) about the last night and morning of the martyr St Thomas Garnet: “I never saw him so full of life, and almost miraculous cheerfulness”. St Thérèse of Lisieux (1 October) lays out her unique spirituality, which changed our notions of sainthood for ever and led her to be acclaimed as a Doctor of the Church.

Sample page

Sample page: click to enlarge

“New Every Day” is not a prayer-book. That is good, because a prayer-book is like a gym subscription – it carries an obligation with it (and, if you give it to someone as a present, there is more than a hint that you’ll be asking them how the exercise programme is going!).

“New Every Day” is more human and delightful than that. It is a treasury of spiritual uplift and refreshment. You can dip into it most days, or look through and explore whenever you need it, or just feel like it.

And your friends and family will love it as well.

Price: £7.99 (UK), $9.99 (USA). Available worldwide.

ePub: Get it on Apple Books · Get it on Apple Books

Kindle: Get it from Amazon UK · USA · Australia · Brazil· Canada · France · Germany · India· Italy · Japan · Mexico · Netherlands · Spain

Both Apple and Amazon offer free samples for you to look at before you buy.

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