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How to record the screen on the iPhone or iPad

Posted by universalis on 14 October 2019

Sometimes it is easiest to explain things by sending a video of what you are seeing on your screen.

Apple have instructions, but they are a bit elliptical, so here is a longer version.

Before you start (in Universalis)

In Universalis (or in Catholic Calendar, if that is what you have), go into the Settings screen and turn ON the option named “Show touches on screen” – you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it. This isn’t essential but it will make it easier for us to work out where you are tapping or swiping the screen.

Preparation for recording

You need to have a “Record” button in your Control Centre. You may already have it there. If you don’t, follow Apple’s Step 1.

Starting the recording

Apple’s Step 2 tells you how to get to the Control Centre, where the “Record” button is.

If you don’t need to record your voice, just tap on the “Record” button.

If you want to record your own voice, giving a commentary on what you are doing, then hold your finger on the “Record” button, as they tell you in Step 3, and then tap on “Microphone” to turn it on.

Either way, then tap on “Start Recording” as Apple tell you in Step 4.

Finishing the recording

When you have finished recording whatever you want to record, in most cases you will be able to tap the red bar or button at the very top of your screen. Otherwise open Control Centre again, as Apple tell you in Step 5.

Sending us the recording

The recorded video will be among the other videos in your Photos app.

Open Photos, select the video, and then tap the Share button . You will be given a range of options.

You can send the video via Mail to universalis@universalis.com. Do include a few words with the message so that we know why you are sending it! Videos tend to be huge, about 10 megabytes per minute, so Mail will probably offer to send the video via Mail Drop, which puts the video temporarily into iCloud instead of sending it as part of the email itself. This is a good option to choose. But just in case, don’t delete the video until we tell you we have received it.

If you have Dropbox, you can also send the video to Dropbox and then email us a link to it.

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