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Easter 2019 newsletter

Posted by universalis on 23 April 2019

Happy Easter!

He is truly risen! May the grace and blessings of Easter be with you all and remain in you.

The Second Readings

In the weeks immediately following Easter, the Second Readings in the Office of Readings reflect the dazzling glory of the Redemption, from authors of many regions and many periods, from Saint Justin Martyr in the second century to the Second Vatican Council in the twentieth. Even if permanently adding the Office of Readings to your regular prayer life is over-ambitious, it is not wicked to dip into it solely in order to read the day’s Second Reading. On the contrary, it will bring both enlightenment and inspiration.

If you are a subscriber to the spoken Hours, you will find that for the next few weeks the spoken Second Readings have been modernised and exactly match what you see on the screen.

The Mass commentaries

If you are one of those who enjoyed Dom Henry Wansbrough’s “40 Days and 40 Ways” commentaries during Lent, you will be able to see more commentaries of his on the readings throughout the year. They appear in the Readings at Mass page, but you need to turn on a special option if you want to see them. In the iPhone / iPad and Android apps, go to the Settings screen in the app (you get to it by tapping the cog-wheel in the toolbar at the top of the screen) and you will find an “Add Commentaries” option in the Readings at Mass section of that screen. In the Mac and Windows programs, the option is in the “Translations” section of the preferences.

Size of text

Apart from this, there are no grand new features to announce this month. So there is just room to answer the most frequently asked question, which is “How do I make the text larger?” In the iPhone / iPad app, you can increase the size by double-tapping on the screen. In all the apps including Android, you can tap once to make the toolbar appear and then tap the rightmost button in the toolbar to bring up the Fonts screen. That screen contains a slider which allows you to control the text size. The largest available size has letters about half an inch high. In the Mac and Windows programs, the menus contain a “Fonts” command which lets you adjust the size.

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