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Interview at Pray Tell

Posted by universalis on 25 March 2019

The Pray Tell blog describes itself as:

A blog that gives practical wisdom about prayer, sacraments, and the community of the faithful – in short, worship. Created especially for pastors, liturgists, musicians, and scholars, Pray Tell is informal, conversational, even humorous, but also – we hope – always well-informed and intellectually grounded.

It has just published a two-part interview by Father Neil Xavier O’Donoghue, which you may find interesting:

  1. An unlikely liturgist.
  2. An interview with Martin Kochanski, Founder of Universalis Publishing.

One Response to “Interview at Pray Tell”

  1. Nancy Dunham said

    Kudos, Martin! Both of these are wonderful pieces…May Universalis continue to spread far and wide…As an early adopter, whose physical limitations make paging through the printed volumes more than cumbersome, thank you! Bless you and the work!

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