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Giving Universalis for Christmas

Posted by universalis on 18 December 2018

The two safest kinds of present to give at Christmas are the kind that lasts no time at all (it gets eaten or drunk, so it doesn’t add to your burden of possessions and you don’t have to keep on being grateful for it) and the kind that lasts for ever – such as Universalis. Universalis is a present that will be with the recipient for life, through the pious times and the pagan ones, through the dry seasons and the fruitful ones.


The distributors of apps are rather half-hearted when it comes to letting you give them as gifts. For Android (the last time we looked) about the only way is to send a gift voucher or even just money, plus a link to the app you want the recipient to purchase with it. It is all pretty dismal.

Apple do slightly better in that if you are in the same country as the person you are giving the present to, you can give an app as a gift. To do this, visit the App Store and click on “View in iTunes”. Next to the “Download” or “Purchase” button you will see a downward-pointing arrow. Click on it to open the menu, and select “Gift This App”.

Registration codes

By far the best thing is to give not an app, but a registration code. A Universalis registration code costs £19.99, which at today’s exchange rates is $25.37 or €22.27.

A registration code really is a gift for life because it gives free access on the iPhone and iPad, and on Android, and on Windows and on the Mac, plus the ability to create e-books from e-book readers. It even gives a connection to our daily email service.

Here is how to give a registration code:

  1. Buy the registration code from us in the usual way.
  2. Send the 9-digit code to your friend, in a simple and functional email or written inside a beautiful Christmas card.
  3. Send us an email to let us know that the code belongs not to you but to your friend (your friend’s name, address, and email would be helpful). That way, if your friend loses the code and needs to be reminded of it in five or ten years’ time, we will know where to look.


2 Responses to “Giving Universalis for Christmas”

  1. Denis Allen said

    For the iPad edition is it possible to make the text larger and bolder ❓My eyesight is not too brilliant these days ,otherwise the new format is good.
    Seasonal greetings…from fr Denis In Hobart Tasmania

    • It’s very easy to make the text as large as you want.

      1. Double-tap on the screen to make the text larger.
      2. Or – if the largest size you get to by double-tapping is not big enough – see the brief instructions at the bottom of this page or the more detailed instructions in the app itself.

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