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How to update the iOS app

Posted by universalis on 13 July 2018

The last version of Universalis and Catholic Calendar for iOS (version 2.90) had a bug which caused it to crash when you tried to view it as light text on a dark background. This was a bad bug because if you already had Universalis set to that mode, it would crash as soon as you opened it! We immediately produced a corrected version, version 2.91. Apple very kindly gave it priority in their review process, and version 2.91 is now in the App Store.

This post describes how to update your Universalis (or Catholic Calendar) app quickly. Most people’s iPhones and iPads are set to update their apps automatically, but this only happens at intervals, so doing it by hand is quicker.

1. Open the App Store app

Find the App Store app, and tap on it to open it.

  • If you can’t find the icon anywhere, it really is there somewhere. If you are really stuck, put your finger in the middle of your home screen and drag it downwards a little, and a search box will appear at the top, into which you can type “App…” and find the icon that way.

2. Go to the Updates tab

At the bottom of the screen there are four tabs. Tap on the one marked “Updates”, and the Updates screen will open.

3. Find Universalis (or Catholic Calendar)

See if you can find it in the list.

Make sure it is the latest update, which says that it corrects the crash.

  • If the button next to the app says Update, press it to update the app.
  • If the button next to the app says Open, the app has already been updated.

If you can’t see the app in the list

The list of updated apps only gets refreshed now and then. To refresh it now, put your finger in the middle of the screen, drag it down about an inch, and then let go. A spinning circle should appear for a moment, and then the page should refresh itself.



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