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That beastly Android toolbar

Posted by universalis on 25 July 2017

All problems have been cured and the latest release of Universalis for Android (Version 2.03) works perfectly.

The cause of the problem was an unwanted interaction with password managers, such as LastPass, and some anti-virus software that a few people were using. We have made adjustments on our side so that the operation of the toolbar is unaffected by these things. We thank the helpful people whose reports guided us in the right direction.



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New Mac version available

Posted by universalis on 13 July 2017

We have just released a new version of the Universalis program for the Mac. Please visit our web site and install it. There are various improvements, especially in the layout of the screens.

If you have a Universalis app from the Mac App Store, hold on: we will submit an update to Apple in the next few days.

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