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New e-books available

Posted by universalis on 17 May 2017

The new season’s ready-made Universalis e-books are now available for the Amazon Kindle:

  • Liturgy of the Hours 2017 (Ordinary Time), covering every day from Pentecost to Advent Sunday 2017. £6.99 (UK), €8.24 or thereabouts (Ireland), $9.99 (USA), AU$11.99 (Australia).

The Mass Readings book for 2017 is still available:

  • Mass Readings 2017, covering every day from Advent 2016 to the end of 2017. £6.99 (UK), about €8.24 (Ireland), $9.99 (USA), AU$11.99 (Australia).

The ready-made e-books are available for the UK and Ireland; the USA; and Australia. All the links to the e-books are here.

If you have a Universalis registration code, don’t buy the ready-made e-books (except as presents), because you can create your own e-books for yourself, with your own choice of pages, dates, and calendar, and it won’t cost you anything. The Universalis e-book page will point you to the necessary instructions.

(If you haven’t got a registration code but are thinking of getting one, you can have a free trial of the e-book creation process: the e-book page gives instructions for this).


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