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More audio in Universalis

Posted by universalis on 1 February 2017

Adding Sung Latin Compline to Universalis has been a great success, even though it is so far only available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. (We do plan to produce an Android version later this year).

Now we have started to add speech as well as music.

The first step is the daytime Hours (Terce, Sext, and None), spoken in Latin. It’s available in both Universalis and Catholic Calendar, and you can go to the Mid-Morning, Midday or Afternoon Prayer page and press the Play button to listen to a sample. Unlike Compline, the spoken Daytime Prayer changes every day, which means that hours and hours of recorded speech sit behind the brief Hours that you listen to each day!

All the music and audio comes with automatic highlighting, so you can follow exactly the words that are being read or sung. You can see a picture of how it works on this web page. People find it a great help. Of course you can view Latin and English side by side if you want: it all makes for a more meditative experience.

There are plans for more Hours, and for English, and for more music. We are particularly interested in having recordings of the Office hymns and of the Magnificat, Benedictus and so on, as well as the psalms. So if you know of a choir or community that is able to sing and record these things to a publishable standard – or if you are a member of one – do get in touch.

By the way, don’t underestimate the daytime Hours. They are sometimes called “the little Hours”, because they are indeed short, and they are sometimes seen as junior cousins intended only for the professionals to use. They aren’t. Yes, they are short – about 10 minutes each – but that is all to the good because it means that they fit easily into a busy schedule. An office worker might call them “coffee prayer”, “lunch prayer” and “tea prayer”. When you have them on your phone (especially if you have the audio) you can dive into meditation three times a day quickly, refreshingly and in a socially acceptable way.

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  1. tiziano88 said

    When is audio coming to the android app? Really looking forward to it!

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