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How to get the two-year cycle

Posted by universalis on 3 May 2016

The two-year cycle of readings in the Office of Readings has raised much more interest than I expected. Normally a new feature creeps in and people gradually discover it, but this time I’ve already had a dozen emails, many of them asking variations of “It’s a beautiful feature but how do I get hold of it?”.

So this blog post will tell you how.

The two-year cycle is available in the latest versions of the Mac and Windows programs and the iOS, Android and Mac apps. It is also available in e-books created by the Mac and Windows programs. It is not available in the “pre-cooked” e-books for the Amazon Kindle.

It is not available on the web site, and it is not available in the daily email service, although if enough of you ask us, we can certainly add it there.

How to get the latest versions

The app stores for iOS, Android and Mac all have the latest version and they should offer it to you automatically.

If you have downloaded a Universalis program directly from our web site, you can use the Windows update page or the Mac update page.

How to find the “Two-Year Cycle” setting

Open the Office of Readings and go to the First Reading. Above the First Reading, look for a heading saying “One-Year Cycle (official)”.

  • If the heading is not there, you are probably looking at a day when there is no difference between the two cycles: for instance, a feast which has its own readings. This is because we don’t want to confuse people by offering an option that does nothing at all. The two-year cycle only applies to dates without any particular feast. So, for instance, today (3 May, the feast of Saints Philip and James) is no good. You may want to change dates in order to change the setting, and then change back to today afterwards.

To the right of the “One-Year Cycle” heading, there is a button. On some devices it is a pale blue circle with an arrow in it; on others, it is a little stack of short red lines. It is the same button you use when choosing between options in other places in Universalis.

Press that button, and the one-year cycle will change to a two-year cycle.

If you are blind and using Windows

If you are using the Universalis program in Screen Reader mode, first go to the Office of Readings. Then open the View menu, select “Reading Cycle”, and select “Two-Year Cycle” within that.


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