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New e-books available

Posted by universalis on 1 May 2016

The new season’s ready-made Universalis e-books are now available for the Amazon Kindle:

  • USA and Australia: Liturgy of the Hours 2016 (Ordinary Time), covering every day from Pentecost to Advent Sunday 2016. $9.99 (USA), AU$11.99 (Australia).
  • UK and Ireland: Liturgy of the Hours 2016 (Ordinary Time before the Assumption), covering every day from Pentecost to mid-August 2016. £2.99 (UK), about €3.82 (Ireland).
  • UK and Ireland: Liturgy of the Hours 2016 (Ordinary Time after the Assumption), covering every day from mid-August to Advent Sunday 2016. £2.99 (UK), about €3.82 (Ireland). A single Ordinary Time e-book for the UK and Ireland is too large for Amazon to handle, which is why two books are needed. But each of them is half the price, so the split won’t cost you anything 

The Mass Readings book for 2016 is still available:

  • Mass Readings 2016, covering every day from Advent 2015 to the end of 2016. £5.99 (UK), about €7.64 (Ireland), $9.99 (USA), AU$11.99 (Australia).

The ready-made e-books are available for the UK and Ireland; the USA; and Australia. All the links to the e-books are here.

If you have a Universalis registration code, don’t buy the ready-made e-books (except as presents), because you can create your own e-books for yourself, with your own choice of pages, dates, and calendar, and it won’t cost you anything. The Universalis e-book page will point you to the necessary instructions.

(If you haven’t got a registration code but are thinking of getting one, you can have a free trial of the e-book creation process: the e-book page gives instructions for this).


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