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The Malayalam Project

Posted by universalis on 9 March 2016

അത്യുന്നതങ്ങളില്‍ ദൈവത്തിനു മഹത്വം

The Malayalam language is spoken in the state of Kerala, which is on the western side of the southern tip of India. Kerala has a large Catholic population, and we are working with the Bishop’s Council to provide the Order of Mass and the readings at Mass in Malayalam, as part of Universalis.

For those of you who do not already know it, Universalis provides the daily Liturgy of the Hours and Mass texts It also has a unique “Mass Today” page which integrates the Order of Mass with the prayers and readings of the day. Universalis is available on the Web, as a program for Windows and Mac, as an app for iOS and Android, as a daily email service, and in e-book format.

On the Indian side, this project is being run by Father Rolden Jacob at St Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Carmelgiri.  Father Jacob’s team are providing the texts. We at Universalis are providing the programming, and integrating the Malayalam texts into Universalis pages in all media.

The trial release

As a first stage, we have all the Mass texts for Holy Week and Easter 2016, and these have been integrated into all the formats of Universalis.

We encourage you to try as many formats as you can. There is no cost. Everything is free.

Follow the links at the bottom of this web post to find out how to try Universalis on the Web, on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and in e-book format.

The aims of the trial

This is the first time that Universalis has been presented in a main language other than English. It is also the first time we have tried to display anything that is not in the Latin or Greek alphabet.

Like other Indic scripts, Malayalam is complicated for a computer to display. By getting many of you to try Universalis on many different devices and in many different formats, we can see where the problems are. In some cases we may be able to work round the problems; in others, we may have to wait for a device or system to be improved.

Please note that the programs and apps themselves are still in English, even when the content is in Malayalam. Some menus inside the pages are also in English. This trial gives us a chance to identify what still needs to be translated.


The following pages each tell you how to try out Universalis in Malayalam.

Universalis web pages

Windows program

Mac program

iPhone / iPad / iPod app

Android app

Kindle format e-book for Holy Week and Easter Sunday – for the Amazon Kindle.

ePub format e-book for Holy Week and Easter Sunday – for all other e-book readers.

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