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Universalis for webmasters

Posted by universalis on 11 February 2016

If you are responsible for a web site, we encourage you to make use of Universalis. (And if you aren’t, do pass the message on to someone who is).


You are welcome to link to any of our Liturgy of the Hours or Readings at Mass pages. We’re grateful whenever you do it, and we can link back to you if you like; and it will benefit your visitors, which is the most important thing. Here is an article about constructing links to Universalis.


This is what a banner looks like. It automatically changes to reflect the current day.


The banner can be purely ornamental or it can link to any Universalis page. Click on the banner shown here if you want to find out more.

Readings in your page

You can let your visitors see text from Universalis as part of your own web pages. This is not copying and pasting: it is automatic, and once you have set it up, your visitors will always see the latest readings. This page tells you all about it.

To find out more

If you need help, contact us using the link at the bottom right-hand corner of any of the pages mentioned in this article.

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