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New release: new calendars

Posted by universalis on 7 July 2015

The latest release of Universalis adds some new local calendars. Each diocese in Scotland is now included, and so are Plymouth and Singapore. As usual, various misprints are also corrected.

How to update

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app: the App Store will offer you an update. If you have automatic updates enabled, it will install the updated version for you automatically. In fact, by the time you read this, it probably has.

Android app: It depends on your supplier (Amazon or Google Play) and on your settings. But again, you will probably be offered an update and it may be installed automatically.

Windows program: Visit the update page for instructions.

Mac program: Visit the update page for instructions.

The web site: If you want to use one of the new calendars, use the Settings link on the left of any of the daily web pages, or select the calendar directly.

The daily email service: If you want to use one of the new calendars, visit the email service page and select the calendar you want.

E-books: Any e-books you have created for yourself for Kindle or ePub will not automatically change (e-books, like paper books, don’t change after they are made). You can use the new calendars next time you create an e-book. Instructions are here.

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  1. Anonymous said

    I don’t think the Mac version has been updated with these calendars – the latest Mac version is from March.

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