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The Apple Watch

Posted by universalis on 28 February 2015

Watch42_CalendarWe have completed the development of our Apple Watch apps, and they work beautifully. As soon as Apple start accepting submissions to the App Store, we will submit these apps, and with any luck they will be available from the very first day of the Apple Watch – just as Universalis was on the very first day of the iPhone App Store.

These apps are not a separate product. They come as part of the Universalis and Catholic Calendar  apps which are already in the App Store. If you haven’t got either app, Universalis is approximately £9.99 / $13.99 / €12.99 and Catholic Calendar is free. So you have no excuse not to try it out!

What the app does

When you open it, you see the calendar for the next few days. You can turn the crown to scroll through the list. (Universalis gives you yesterday, today and the week ahead; Catholic Calendar gives you yesterday, today and tomorrow).

Watch42_GIf you tap on a day, you will see the Gospel for the day. Again, the crown will let you scroll through the whole text.


As well as the Gospel, you can see the First and Second Readings for the Mass of the day. To get these, press firmly on the Gospel screen, and a menu will pop up for you to choose the reading you want.

And that’s all.

All the pictures are for the bigger, 42mm Apple Watch. If you are getting the smaller, 38mm, model, then here is what you will see:

Watch38_Calendar Watch38_1Watch38_G

One more thing…

The Apple Watch has things called Glances. A Glance is a single screen of information. You can jump from one Glance to the next with a flick of your finger.

Our Apple Watch apps provide a Glance which tells you what the feast of the day is. Instant, and simple. And if you tap on the Glance, it opens the app.


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  1. Anonymous said

    This is good. Everybody who is interested to have it would be updated of those readings each day. This would be beneficial to each one for guidance and be spiritually enriched.

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