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The same Gospel twice!

Posted by universalis on 21 December 2014

Yesterday, December 20, we had St Luke’s Gospel about the Annunciation. Today, the fourth Sunday of Advent, we have St Luke’s Gospel about the Annunciation.

This is not a mistake!

The Gospel for the fourth Sunday of Advent in Year B is indeed Luke 1:26–38, as is the Gospel for December 20.

Being a mathematician I couldn’t resist working out how often we would get two Gospels in a row like this. It will happen whenever December 20 is a Saturday or a Monday, but only in Year B. That sounds like 2/7 divided by 3, which is 2/21, or an average of roughly one year in ten.

And indeed, here are the all ten years this century when it happens. The underlined years are when December 20 is a Monday, the others are when it is a Friday:

2008, 2014, 2032, 2038, 2053, 2059, 2077, 2083, 2092, 2098.

I nearly said that it repeats itself on an 84-year cycle, but 2100 isn’t a leap year and that throws everything out.

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