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Amazon bug in Kindle Fire

Posted by universalis on 10 February 2014

Amazon have just distributed an update to Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices which causes the Universalis app to stop working. We do not yet know whether this is an intended effect of the update or not. We have made a support request to Amazon to try and find out.

There is no way we know of preventing your Kindle device from being updated. If it is working today, it may stop working in the next couple of days. The problem is intermittent, however.


The Universalis application works perfectly in every respect except the following:

  • All the text pages (the Hours, the Order of Mass, Readings at Mass) are completely blank.
  • In the “Font size” setting screen, the sample text is blank.


For some people, this happens all the time. Others have found that it sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t: they try, and they see blank page; they try a little later, and they see text.

One user reports that deleting and re-installing the Universalis application cures the problem (for a short while). Others report that it doesn’t.

Some people report that shutting down their device and starting it up again cures the problem (for a short while). Others report that is doesn’t.

One user reports: “I switched my wifi off and on again and I got to Vespers. Setting it up for Compline failed. Switching wifi off and then on again brought up Compline.” We would be very interested to know if other people have the same experience. But that user then wrote back and said that the next day everything was working perfectly!

Versions affected

Amazon’s name Software version
Kindle Fire HD (Previous Generation) System Version 7.4.6 user 4620220
Kindle Fire HD (Previous Generation) System Version 7.4.7 user 4730120
Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ System Version 8.4.6 user 4620220
Kindle Fire System Version 10.4.6 user 4620220

No report received

Please let us know if you have any of the following Kindle Fires:

Amazon’s name Software version
Kindle Fire HD 11.3.1
Kindle Fire HDX 13.3.1
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ 14.3.1

Please help us to make these lists complete. Here are instructions for finding out the version of your Kindle system software.

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New iOS version available

Posted by universalis on 4 February 2014

The new version of the Universalis app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has just been approved by Apple and it will be available for download within the next few hours. The new version works on iOS 6 and 7 only: if you are using an older version of iOS them you will not be offered the update and you can continue using the old version.

All the existing features are still there and some new ones have been added: notably, a night mode for people who like to read in the dark. The user interface has been made simpler and more logical. The new operating instructions are here.

BUG: If you use the United States calendar in parts of the USA where the Ascension is celebrated on a Sunday, the name of the calendar at the top of the calendar page is reported as “United States: Ascension on Thursday”. The calendar itself is correct: it is only the label that is wrong. We will correct this soon. Thanks to the alert user who reported this bug.

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