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NEW: Kindle e-books from Amazon

Posted by universalis on 2 December 2013

The best way to get a Universalis e-book on your Kindle is to get a registration code from us and then create e-books for yourself. The registration code costs £19.99, the instructions are here, and the e-books are free, year after year after year.

But some people find £19.99 a lot of money to spend all in one lump (even though it lasts for ever) and some people find the create-it-yourself business cumbersome. So we have now created two standard Kindle e-books which can be bought directly from Amazon just like any other e-book.

The following e-books cover England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales only. To buy one of them from Amazon, click on its title.

Liturgy of the Hours 2014 (High Seasons) gives the Liturgy of the Hours for every day from Advent 2013 to Pentecost 2014. It costs £6.17.

Mass Readings 2014 gives the readings at Mass (including the prayers and antiphons) and the About Today page for every day from Advent 2013 to the end of 2014. It also costs £6.17.

We will release Liturgy of the Hours 2014 (Low Seasons), which covers Pentecost 2014 onwards, after Easter.

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