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Mass Readings in your parish’s page

Posted by universalis on 30 August 2013

We sometimes get emails from the webmasters of parish pages asking if they can use Universalis texts in their pages. Here are three answers.

  1. Copying and pasting from Universalis into your pages. This is not allowed, for copyright reasons.
  2. Using an ‘iframe’ to host a Universalis ‘window’ inside one of your pages. This is allowed. Here are the instructions. The main drawback is that the ‘iframe’ window is a complete Universalis page with the page heading and all the links to different hours.
  3. NEW!!! Using Javascript to import the Universalis texts into your page. This lets you make them look just like the rest of your site. Here are the instructions, together with an example page which contains all the Javascript you need. Only the readings at Mass are available by this means: the Hours aren’t.

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