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“Updates will percolate”

Posted by universalis on 4 July 2013

I am always grateful when someone spots an error in Universalis and lets me know about it so that I can correct it. (Or to be precise, I am annoyed by the error and grateful to have it corrected).

This post is about what happens to corrections and when you will see them appear in Universalis.

The master databases

The entire content of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours is stored in six Cardbox databases. I put corrections into these as soon as possible.

The Universalis data file

The first step in making changes visible is to extract the data from the databases and compile and compress them into a single file. This is the file which all Universalis products – web site, downloads, apps – will use to create Universalis pages and present them to you.

The Universalis web site

When the Universalis data file is uploaded to the web site, the updates will be visible in the web pages themselves, in the automated daily emails, and in Kindle e-books sent from the site. Obviously we can’t change what you already have, so if you got the site to send you an e-book for July 2013 and we later make corrections to July 2013, your e-book won’t show you the changes.

The Universalis downloads

When we next rebuild the Universalis programs for Windows and the Mac and upload them to our site, the updates will be included.

Your Windows and Mac programs contact our site once a month to check for updates, and display an unobtrusive status message if an update is available for you to download. Alternatively, you can check for yourself by looking at the Windows and Mac pages.

Universalis e-books

If you have used your Universalis download to create an e-book in ePub or Kindle format, then updating the download will, in itself, do nothing. This is because creating an e-book is just like printing a book on paper: whatever happens after the e-book was created, the e-book will not change.

If you have just updated your Universalis program and you want your e-book to contain the latest corrections then you will have to create the e-book again.

The Universalis apps

When we next rebuild the Universalis apps for iOS, Android, and the Mac App Store and submit them to Apple, Amazon and Google, the updates will be included.

  • The Android app on Google Play will be available for download within a couple of hours. This is because Google don’t care what appears in Google Play and as long as it passes a few automated tests, we can publish anything we like.
  • The iOS and Mac App Store apps will take longer to become available, sometimes even a week or ten days. This is because Apple curate their App Stores with care and they check every app update by hand. An unproblematic update can take as little as two or three days.
  • Amazon can’t seem to make up their minds whether they are Apple or Google. At times they seem to have a review process but at other times the update seems to become available at once.

In every case, once an app is available, your device will tell you about it in some way or, in some cases, will do the update automatically

How often do updates happen?

The other day I saw a missing quotation mark in the Jerusalem Bible version of Acts 12:11. I put it into the database. We are not going to go through the whole business of issuing an update just for that.

Yesterday someone reported that the Latin version of the Benedictus antiphon for Morning Prayer of the feast of St Thomas included a rubric that doesn’t form part of the antiphon: PRECES de Communi Apostolorum, 1081. I’ve updated the database (there were 13 occurrences of this type of error) but since this isn’t a catastrophe and Latin is a bit of a minority sport anyway, again there isn’t a call for an immediate update of everything.

In general, we don’t go more than a couple of months without a general update that includes all the corrections up to that time. Intercalary updates may happen, though. For instance, if a new calendar is added to Universalis then it’s quite likely that the web site at least will be updated, so that whoever supplied the new calendar can check that it is working as it should. Or again, if a bug is found in one of the programs or apps, and needs correcting, then the updated texts will be included at that time.


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    I have Universalis app on my ipad and now on my android tablet. I do NOT like the font set on the Android tablet. PLEASE ADD MORE FONT SETS ON ANDROID AND GIVE US THE POSSIBILITY OF SELECTING THE FONTS WE LIKE.

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