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Kindle e-books on the Blackberry

Posted by universalis on 3 April 2013

There isn’t a Universalis application on the Blackberry and there won’t be one. However, you can still read Universalis on the Blackberry if you want, by creating a Universalis e-book on your computer and then reading it on your Blackberry. Here is how to do it.

Install the Kindle reader on your Blackberry

Here are Amazon’s instructions for doing this.

Install the Universalis program on your PC

Here is the page for Universalis for Windows.

When you have downloaded and installed the program, it will work for a month before you need to think about buying a registration code to activate it.

Create a Universalis e-book in Kindle format

The first time only: choose the calendar and translations you want.

Create your chosen Kindle e-book. At the end of the creation process, save the e-book to your desktop, because it’ll be easier to find there. Note its name: it will look something like um2013-04.mobi.

Get the Universalis e-book onto your Blackberry

The following instructions have been contributed by one of our users, who has a Blackberry:

  • Connect BB device
  • Go to the BB desktop software and go down and click Files on the menu
  • In the BB desktop software look for the Kindle folder
  • Go to the PC desktop, then drag and drop (or copy and paste) the “um2013-04” (that is the file that I created for this  process) to the Kindle folder of the BB device
  • Disconnect the device
  • Open the Kindle app on your BB and locate the “um2013-04”
  • Read and pray

The only thing I’d add is that after you have transferred the file to the Blackberry device and disconnected the device, it’s safe to delete the um2013-04.mobi file from your PC’s desktop because you won’t need it any more.

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