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New online Kindle e-book service

Posted by universalis on 18 December 2012

To get a Universalis e-book, you open the Universalis program on your computer and ask it to make the e-book you want.

This is quite straightforward, but it does mean installing software, and some people find that process confusing. So we’re happy to announce that you can now create Kindle e-books on our web site without needing to download and install a program.  Amazon will deliver your e-book wirelessly straight onto your Kindle.

Here is the link to the new service.

This service is available for Kindle e-books only, and the only e-book length available is one month. You can create e-books up to two months in advance.

The service is free and there is no subscription, but you do need to have a Universalis registration code to access it. If you haven’t already got a registration code, it costs £19.99 (here is how to buy a code), but don’t buy just yet: the online service lets you try it for a month without requiring a code.

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