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Got a new toy for Christmas?

Posted by universalis on 18 December 2012

Whatever your toy, you can probably get Universalis on it.

iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone: you can buy the app.

Android tablets and phones: you can buy the app.

E-book readers: you can create e-books for yourself. Eventually you’ll need to buy a registration code but you can try it out for a month or so first.

Amazon Kindle – it depends what kind of Kindle:

  • “Plain” e-book reader Kindles (Kindle Classic, Kindle Paperwhite): you can create e-books for yourself or you can get e-books straight onto your Kindle from our web site. Read all about it here.
  • “Tablet” Kindles (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD): you can buy the Universalis app.

All the things I’ve mentioned here are single purchases that last for ever. They don’t need any kind of subscription.

One Response to “Got a new toy for Christmas?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Why isn’t the app stuck on 12/18/2012?

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