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Universalis bug on iOS 6 corrected

Posted by universalis on 22 September 2012

A bug has been reported in Universalis on iOS 6. It affects iPhones and iPods only, not iPads. The effect of the bug is that in the calendar display every day is blank. The days are there, and they work, but they have no text.

This bug has been corrected. An update for the Universalis app will be available from the App Store on Monday 22 October, and the App Store application on your device should offer it to you automatically then. (The corresponding update for Catholic Calendar has been available since 11 October).

Meanwhile this post describes a way round the bug.

The bug happens if Universalis starts by displaying the text page when you open it, and you then turn over to the calendar. It does not happen if Universalis starts by displaying the calendar page. Universalis always displays the last page you were looking at when you closed it, so here is the cure:

  1. In Universalis, view the calendar page, not the text page.
  2. Terminate Universalis.

When you next open Universalis, it will present you with the calendar page and everything will be all right.

How to terminate Universalis

There is a subtlety here. In iOS, closing a program by pressing the Home button does not automatically terminate it. It may get terminated later on, automatically, if another application needs more memory, but this isn’t predictable and it isn’t guaranteed.

So, to terminate Universalis, here is what you need to do:

  1. Press the Home button to close Universalis.
  2. Double-press the Home button to bring up the list of recently used applications: a row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Since Universalis is the most recent, it will be at the bottom left.
  3. Hold down your finger on one of these icons for a couple of seconds, and they will all begin to tremble. Take your finger off when this happens.
  4. The Universalis icon will now be have a red circle in one corner, with a minus sign in it. Tap on that red circle, and if you have hit the right place, the Universalis icon will disappear. Universalis is now terminated.
  5. To get out of the trembling-icons mode, either tap somewhere else on the screen or press the Home button.

Our thanks to the user who reported this bug clearly enough for us to be able to reproduce it.

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