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The new Mass Today page

Posted by universalis on 23 April 2012

Every day, Universalis has the Readings at Mass. Universalis also has the Order of Mass. It was time we combined the two.

The new Mass Today page in Universalis shows you the whole of Mass for today, both the parts that never change and the parts that change from day to day – not just the readings, but the prayers and antiphons. It means that you can follow Mass from beginning to end without having to flip from one page to another.

The Mass  Today page is part of all the Universalis downloads. It isn’t available as a web page on its own, and it isn’t part of the e-books which the Universalis programs are able to generate: in both cases, this is because the structure of Mass Today is rather complicated, with variable options for Prefaces and Eucharistic Prayers and so on.

If you are travelling abroad, you can set Mass Today to display the Order of Mass in parallel languages: English and Latin, English and Spanish, or whatever. This will enable you to follow the Mass more closely and participate a little more. The readings and prayers will, however, always be in English only.

7 Responses to “The new Mass Today page”

  1. I asked a similar question in an email of 5/4/2012. I can now put it more concisely: The Apple app seems to allow cross-references between the two source files, so that one can jump, for instance, from the Order of Mas at the Collect to the Readings at Mass in the file that contains all the daily readings. And then jump back again, e.g., to the offertory prayers.Can an app be constructed that would allow us non-Apple users to do the same thing? I take it that I cannot run an Apple app on my Galaxy 10.1…

  2. Cecil Williams said

    Why are we using the 2nd vs, 3rd revision of the Missal for the Penitental prayer?

  3. Anne said

    I’ve just explored this option in my Windows Universalis program and found the Mass Today page only by switching off “format for screen reader”. Would it be possible to make this page available for Kindle, even if it meant the user creating an individual e-book for each date? I recognise that the complexity makes it difficult to create it for a group of dates together – which would be the ideal situation – but would be willing to create several in one session at my computer, especially since they can be sent directly to my Kindle without having to transfer them in the original manner.

  4. Martin Wilson said

    The trouble with the Mass Today facility in the Universalis file is that (unless you have an ipad) the only way you can run it with the complete display of the set and variable parts of the Mass for each day requires that you have a computer on the altar! Universalis won’t run, as far as I can see, on an android like Galaxy 10.1 or a Kindle. Sure, with a Kindle you can run Order of Mass for the set parts, and then switch back to Prayers & Readings for the Day — rather complicated and fidley!
    I have just discovered a solution that works for me. I display the Mass Today in the Universalis file. Run the cursor file down the whole length. Control-C to put this on to the clipboard. Open it as a doc file, then with the free SendtoKindle app send it to Kindle. Back it comes in less than a minute in a nicely formatted mobi file. Put it onto the Kindle or into the Kindle app on the android, and you can use the result as a complete missal for the day!
    A bit laborious. Maybe Universalis might turn out a convenient RSS file that can be automatically read into one’s Kindle or Galaxy or whatever.

  5. Martin Wilson said

    That is, I have just realised, is what Anne was asking for in N.3

  6. Martin Wilson said

    I realise now that one can put all of the Mass Today on the clipboard just by clicking on the text and choosing “copy page” or Control-C from the pop-up menu. Makes it all very simple! — no fooling about with “running the cursor down the file” which I mentioned in my 18 June comment above — you can’t run it down in any case!

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