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Where has the Invitatory gone?

Posted by universalis on 8 December 2011

A few versions ago, we changed the iPhone version of Universalis so that the Invitatory is part of each Hour rather than a separate page. We did this partly to remove the need to jump around and find it and partly because we needed extra space in the Hours list for the “Order of Mass” page.

In the new versions, you use the blue arrow next to the Introduction to an Hour to change between the “with Invitatory” and “without Invitatory” versions of the Introduction. Here is how things look when you start, with an Introduction that doesn’t include the Invitatory:

When you tap the blue arrow, the page changes to include the Invitatory:


You’ll see other blue arrows in other places in Universalis, and they always act to take you to alternative content. For instance, in the daytime Hours, you can switch between the “Psalms of the Hour” and the “Psalms of the Day”.

If you are having difficulty hitting the blue arrow and find yourself turning the page instead, download the latest version of Universalis from the App Store. Like all updates, it’s free. Versions older than 1.67 sometimes made the button hard to hit.

2 Responses to “Where has the Invitatory gone?”

  1. Rev. Gerard M. Gallen, S.J. said

    Why has the translation of the Te Deum changed on the laptop version but remains the same on my iphone version? To have two translations of the same prayer is only confusing.

  2. Cathy Fasano said

    I’m a big fan of the blue arrows — I really like being able to set everything up before I start so I don’t get distracted by choices later…

    Fr Gallen — are your iphone and laptop set to the same country in your preferences? Or did you actually update the iphone version? You need to launch the App Store, and it will bring up a list of your apps which have updates. Select the updates, and then it will ask you for your password.

    (It took me a few tries to figure out what I needed to be launching to get updates…)

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