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Posted by universalis on 24 October 2011

We’re now providing a Twitter feed of the saint of the day. The user name is @CatholicFeasts and it posts once a day. Each day’s posts appear at 9.30pm the night before, which is early afternoon in the USA and the morning of the day itself in Australia and New Zealand. On days when different locations have different saints, there’ll be one post for each one.

Feel free to follow or recommend the feed, but please don’t reply to it, because it’s an automated feed and there is no-one around to read the replies.

Solemnities appear like this: MARY, MOTHER OF GOD.

Feasts appear like this: SS. Simon and Jude, Apostles.

Memorials appear like this: St Charles Borromeo, Bishop (Friday of week 31).

Optional memorials appear like this: Monday of week 30 (St Antony Mary Claret, Bishop).

Ferias appear like this: Tuesday of week 30.

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  1. Viv said

    I dont know how to twitter but i do like the idea if a publication if the Saint if the Day. Enjoy. O you who tweet

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