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Apple users in New Zealand: calendar synchronization bug

Posted by universalis on 20 October 2011

A user in New Zealand has reported an interesting problem. He uses the Universalis application on his iPhone to create a “Universalis Automatic” event calendar with details of each day’s feast. He then plugs his iPhone into his Mac and synchronizes it, and finds that on his Mac, in iCal, every feast appears one day late.

This is a bug in iTunes 10.5. It can be reproduced by manually adding an all-day event on the iPhone and then synchronizing: the event appears on the Mac one day later than it should.

We have reported this bug to Apple. We reproduced it for ourselves by setting both the iPhone and the Mac to Auckland time (GMT+13). My guess is that somewhere along the line Apple’s programmers assumed that no time zone was ever more than 12 hours away from GMT – but that is only a guess. It would certainly explain why no-one further west has reported the problem.

We have also established that the bug does not occur if one synchronizes through iCloud rather than through iTunes.

How to move the Universalis Automatic calendar to iCloud

If you haven’t yet turned iCloud on, this is quite easy: turning iCloud on will move all your calendars to iCloud.

If you have already turned iCloud on, you need to turn it off and then on again to get the Universalis Automatic calendar into iCloud:

  1. In Settings, turn iCloud off. You will be asked whether you want to keep or delete the previously synced iCloud calendars. When we tried this, we chose “Keep” because it seemed safer.
  2. In Settings, turn iCloud on again.

The Universalis Automatic calendar will now be in iCloud and all your iCloud devices will see it.

You only have to do this once. Once the Universalis Automatic calendar is in iCloud, it will stay there and Universalis will update it as necessary.


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